ABlog v0.7 released

ABlog v0.7.0 is released to fix the long standing issue 1 related to pickling of Sphinx build environment on Read The Docs. Improvements also resolved issues with using LaTeX builder, improved cross-referencing for non-html builders.

ABlog v0.7.1 released

ABlog v0.7.1 is released to fix Python 3 import issues in ablog serve command.

ABlog v0.7.2 released

ABlog v0.7.2 is released to prevent potential issues with Disqus thread URLs by requiring disqus_shortname and blog_baseurl to be specified together for Disqus integration.

ABlog v0.7.3 released

ABlog v0.7.3 makes use of python-dateutil for parsing post dates, so now you can be flexible with the format you use in posts. Thanks to Andy Maloney for this improvement.

ABlog v0.7.5 released

ABlog v0.7.5 is released to fix Windows specific path resolving issue with archive pages. Thanks to Peter Mills for reporting this issue.

ABlog v0.7.6 released

ABlog v0.7.6 is released to fix path resolving issue that arose when :excerpts: is used in postlist directive. Once again, thanks to Peter Mills for reporting this issue. Other minor changes are:

  • -P argument is added to ablog build command to enable running pdb on exceptions.

  • conf.py file created by ablog start updated to include about.html sidebar that comes with Alabaster theme.

ABlog v0.7.7 released

ABlog v0.7.7 is released to fix path resolving issue 41 that arose when cross-references were used in post excerpts, and also post redirect issue in templates.

ABlog v0.7.8 released

ABlog v0.7.8 is released to fix a Python 2 issue that appears when creating collection pages that contain non-ascii characters in their names (issue 45) and filename escaping issue when committing changes using ablog deploy command (pull request 44). Thanks to uralbash for these contributions.

ABlog v0.7.9 released

ABlog v0.7.9 is released to fix Windows specific file renaming issue in ablog deploy command (issue 46). Thanks to Velimir for the fix.

ABlog v0.7.10 released

ABlog v0.7.10 is released to resolve Sphinx JSON/Pickle builder issues related to serialization.

ABlog v0.7.12 released

ABlog v0.7.12 (and also v0.7.11) maintenance release are available.


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