ABlog v0.11 released

ABlog v0.11 is released with the main focus being to update and tweak the HTML templates allow themes to override the default templates. In addition, all ablog elements in the templates wrapped in ablog__* divs to allow custom CSS rules.

We also adopt NEP29 and drop support for older versions of Python and package versions that are 24 months old or older at time of release.

Added support for external links to be posts.

There are several breaking changes:

    1. The template files are now in the templates/ablog folder. Older templates are still in the old location but will raise a warning. These will be removed in a future version, please do not use them anymore. You will need to update any paths to them to add “ablog/” to the path.

    1. ablog has support for not injecting its own templates into the Sphinx build. This is supported by add skip_injecting_base_ablog_templates = True to your configuration file.

    1. Minimum version of Python is >=3.9 and Sphinx is >=5.0.

Pull Requests merged in:

Template rework.

Add external links for posts from Chris Holdgraf.

ABlog v0.11.1 released

Pull Requests merged in:

Update version handling to remove use of pkg_resources

ABlog v0.11.2 released

Pull Requests merged in:

append posts to atom feed to keep post order from new to old from lexming. avoid spurious warning about posts with front-matter and post directive from lexming.

ABlog v0.11.3 released

Pull Requests merged in:

use fully qualified URLs for images in atom feed from lexming.

ABlog v0.11.4 released

Pull Requests merged in:

Use paragraph instead of container for blog post excerpts from dstansby.

ABlog v0.11.5 released

Pull Requests merged in:

Fix incorrect /div when using discuss from Cadair.

ABlog v0.11.6 released

Pull Requests merged in:

Adds IT locale from Stefano David.

Enables configuring a canonical_link for individual posts from Hendrik Makait.

ABlog v0.11.7 released

Pull Requests merged in:

Add stylesheet for tagcloud from Shengyu Zhang.

Create demo/ before running ablog start from Shengyu Zhang.

Add span to more items in templates from Nabil Freij.

ABlog v0.11.8 released

Added support for sphinx >=7.3.0

ABlog v0.11.9 released

Make ‘_strip’ function return as list not set. from Joe Ziminski.


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