ABlog v0.6 released

ABlog v0.6 is released with new ABlog Commands. You can use ablog deploy to Deploy to GitHub Pages, and also ablog clean to do spring cleaning every once in a while.

ABlog v0.6.1 released

ABlog v0.6.1 is released with improvements to ablog deploy command. It will add .nojekyll file when needed to deployments to GitHub pages.

ABlog v0.6.2 released

ABlog v0.6.2 is released to fix an issue with loading of Disqus comments (issue 33) and interpreting non-ascii characters (issue 34).

ABlog v0.6.3 released

ABlog v0.6.3 comes with Russian localisation and following enhancements:

  • Added :list-style: option to postlist to enable controlling bullet list style.

  • ablog post command de-slugifies filename to make the title when it’s not given.

ABlog v0.6.4 released

ABlog v0.6.4 comes with improved ablog serve command that helps you Watch Yourself Blogging.

ABlog v0.6.5 released

ABlog v0.6.5 is a bug fix release to resolve issue 38, an exception raised when using postlist without specifying number of posts.


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