Cross-referencing Blog Pages

ABlog creates references to all post and archive pages. Posts can be cross-referenced using the name of the file, or when the file is named index, the name of the folder that contains the file.

This page, Cross-referencing Blog Pages, for example is referenced as :ref:`cross-referencing-blog-pages` using ref role.

When posts have long file names, it may be inconvenient to use them repeatedly for cross-referencing. An alternative that Sphinx offers is creating your own short and unique labels for cross-referencing to posts. See Cross-referencing syntax for details.

Archive pages

Archive pages, on the other hand, can be cross-referenced by combining archive type and archive name as follows:

Archive Example reStructured Text
Posts Posts :ref:`blog-posts`
Drafts Drafts :ref:`blog-drafts`
Tag config :ref:`tag-config`
Author Ahmet Bakan :ref:`author-ahmet`
Archive 2014 :ref:`archive-2014`
Language English :ref:`language-en`
Location Pittsburgh, PA :ref:`location-pittsburgh`
Category Manual :ref:`category-manual`

Following archive pages list all posts by grouping them:

Archive Example reStructured Text
By tag Tags :ref:`blog-tags`
By author Authors :ref:`blog-authors`
By language Languages :ref:`blog-languages`
By location Locations :ref:`blog-locations`
By category Categories :ref:`blog-categories`
By archive Archives :ref:`blog-archives`


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