ABlog v0.9 released

ABlog v0.9.0 is released with the main focus being to support the latest version of Sphinx. This also moves the main development from Abakan to SunPy.

This has merged in all current (at time of writing, 6) open PRs to the original repository.

These are:

fix(commands): Update command arguments so patterns works correctly from rayalan.

Fix couple of bugs with latest stable Sphinx from tadeboro.

don’t use fancy quotes in the conf.py template from tiwo.

Pass through additional Sphinx options and fix a typo from ahrbel.

fix #78 (ImportError: cannot import name make_admonition in Sphinx 1.6) from lsaffre.

Raise exception when title is missing from rgrinberg.

ABlog v0.9.1 released

Minor update to remove Ablog{}.format(python_number) exes

ABlog v0.9.2 released

Fixed Windows String issue.

ABlog v0.9.3 released

Added example on how to use writing blog posts in Jupyter notebooks.

show </span> when if fa, Add create file encoding and fix serve command path from anzawatta.

Sorry I was late to release these!

ABlog v0.9.4 released

Fixes for gettext break and some pathing issues.

ABlog v0.9.5 released

v0.9.5 is the that supports Python 2 and Sphinx <2. v0.10.0 on main now, will not.

Define an auto-orphan option, Repair update directive and Fix sidebar and blog_baseurl misconfig during quick start from rayalan.


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