ABlog v0.3 released

ABlog v0.3 is released. This version comes with the following core improvements:

  • You can now specify language of a post with :language: option, and an archive page will be created for each language. See blog_languages and blog_default_language if you are posting in multiple languages.

  • You can list language archives on your website by adding languages.html to html_sidebars configuration option.

  • postlist directive takes options to filter posts.

ABlog v0.3.1 released

ABlog v0.3.1 is a minor release to fix two issues in templates:

  • Links to collection (archive) feeds is displayed only on collection page (e.g. :ref:`category-manual`), not on a catalog page that lists posts for multiple collections (e.g. :ref:`blog-categories`).

  • Links to collection feeds is displayed only when they are generated (see blog_feed_archives). Previously, links would be generated to feeds that did not exist.


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